Thornton v Cooke

I really enjoyed Thornton’s job against Cowardly Cooke. Having said that, I wish that Lucic/Begin/Chara/anyone with a pulse and a pair of skates dropped the gloves with this slimeball as well. Especially once it was clear that we had no chance of winning the game.

Anyways here’s the fight in case anyone missed it. Thornton asks Cooke if he’d like to man up and take off his helmet & half-shield. Cooke refused to take off the armor (shocker). It didn’t matter because Thornton is an expert at ripping off helmets, and he took Cooke’s off with ease and proceeded to mash his face with a few solid rights (and some more after the bell, which led to some extra penalty minutes).

Anyone notice the fat Pens fan at the end? He’s obviously at the game alone, and probably listened to Nickelback all the way home to his girlfriend’s mustache in Pittsburgh. What an absolute clown.


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