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Doubting Thomas

“It’s Tuuuuuuka Time”, cheered Bruins fans at the Fake Garden, as Tim Thomas was replaced in last night’s loss to the Buffalo Sabres.

Once again, Tim Thomas took the blame for a Bruins loss, after allowing three goals on just 14 shots. It’s hard to believe that on a team with the NHL’s worst offense, the scapegoat would be the GOALIE.

Just two days after posting his 5th shutout of the season, this was a game where Thomas had a chance to outshine his olympic teammate Ryan Miller. Unfortunately, the Bruins defensemen never allowed him that chance.

With 10:05 left in the first period, Mark Stuart bounced a breakout pass over Blake Wheeler’s stick. It was a bad pass that ended up on the stick of Buffalo defenseman Tyler Myers, who snapped a shot from the point. Bruins defenseman Dennis Wideman tried to block Myers’ drive, but instead redirected the shot over Thomas’ right shoulder and into the net.

Two minutes later, a Buffalo rebound found its way to Sabres forward Paul Gaustad’s stick, who put a wristshot low on Thomas. Thomas, ready with his pads and stick on the ice, watched Dennis Wideman try to block the shot. Once again the puck was redirected by Wideman, and once again the redirection caused the Buffalo goal.

In the second period, Bruins defenseman Dennis Seidenberg tried to break up a play at his own blue line, only to arrive a moment too late. Finishing his check near the Buffalo bench, he took himself out of the play, leaving Dennis Wideman to defend a two on one. Wideman needed to quickly decide if he should commit to the shooter or the passing lane. In the end he did neither and watched Derek Roy pass the puck to a wide open Tim Kennedy, who ripped a one-timer just inside the near post.

Three defensive mistakes result in three goals for Buffalo. Tim Thomas gets pulled from the game. Fans cheer, because they’re too busy texting and drinking 7 dollar beers. Tim Thomas takes more abuse and disrespect from his coach and his “fans” because blaming the goalie is easy.

Nevermind that Boston has scored just 181 goals this season, (more than 100 fewer than Washington)

Forget that last year Boston had the NHL’s second best offense in the regular season.

Forget that management let Phil Kessel walk and make no real effort to replace him.

Forget that Chiarelli did nothing at the trade deadline.

Forget that Marc Savard is gone for the year.

(sarcasm alert) Our problem is obviously goaltending. Doubting Thomas makes perfect sense.